Who's on B&T?

As a tribute to our discussion of men named Dick, here is a playlist of great Dick Mango videos.
Guests for the Week of April 21 - Ben Moore, Dave Dyer, Tim Cavanagh, Mick Foley
Jimmy Pardo plays the air bass to Redbone's Come and Get Your Love.
Alice Cooper calls in to discuss his new documentary "Super Duper Alice Cooper," and Greg Hahn gives us his list of marriage requirements.
Bruce Kulick has played with Meatloaf, Grand Funk Railroad, Blackjack, and has recorded many solo albums. But he is best known as a former member of Kiss. He shares his thoughts on not being inducted
Vinay Satyal dances to the Bollywood classic Mera Joota Hai Japani. Vindy is the father of today's guest, Comedian Rajiv Satyal.
Guests for the Week of April 14 - Rajiv Satyal, Roy Wood Jr., Greg Hahn, Greg Warren, Alice Cooper, Jimmy Pardo
Comedian, actor, and now author Bob Saget calls in to discuss his new book "Dirty Daddy."
Guests for the Week of April 7 - Bob Saget, Tommy Johnagin, Dave Attell, Reese Waters
John Green, Author of The Fault In Our Stars, joins the BOB & TOM Show.