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A recap of the stories you heard on the BOB & TOM Show: So this cat looks like Steve Buscemi pic.twitter.com/O8DaBgGWO7 — HuffPost UK Comedy (@HuffPostUKCom) February 8, 2016 "The Spiderman in Black" – Black tarantula named after Johnny Cash – BBC News https://t.co/bVv06ChbJw — The BOB & TOM Show (@bobandtom) February 8, 2016 Shocker: […]
Chick tests out Tickle Kitty’s throat numbing spray.
Not exactly what we thought he meant when Jeff Vibbert asked to play with the sex toy. Thank god.
Ladies, please try to control yourselves as Tom shows off a sex toy.
This video is about private investigator Donnie Baker trying to help his friend Ron Sexton who was scammed while trying to buy a used truck on Craigslist. Ron knows that Donnie Baker probably knows more about scammers than anybody he knows of. This scam took place in Dunedin Florida and it’s probably still going on […]
Guest Host: Auggie Smith When Auggie takes the stage, audiences across the country quickly realize that they’re in for an evening of riveting, take-no-prisoners stand-up comedy. During Auggie’s set, pop culture and political targets are dissected piece by piece into intelligently written manic rants. His seamless rapid fire style has developed a loyal following across […]
A recap of the stories you heard on the BOB & TOM Show: New Zealand politician hit in the face with a flying, pink dildo https://t.co/PekXQLqmH4 — The BOB & TOM Show (@bobandtom) February 5, 2016 Fossil Daddy Longlegs Sports a 99-Million-Year-Erection. https://t.co/E9qm8AKzMr — The BOB & TOM Show (@bobandtom) February 5, 2016 Reporter Breaks […]
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A recap of the stories you heard on the BOB & TOM Show: Scientists have discovered what causes Resting Bitch Face – The Washington Post https://t.co/pfJP1kHqvr — The BOB & TOM Show (@bobandtom) February 3, 2016 Still a better halftime show than Coldplay. – Cam Newton Dropped A Freestyle Rap For A Reporter – https://t.co/R4ZeMrcQHU […]
Chick picks the outcome of the big game against granny Kate, a 102-yr old firecracker.