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Comedian Al Jackson and Kristi Lee take a deep freeze in a Cryogenic chamber.
The gang discusses a potpourri of things like dressing children and music with comedians Chris Bowers and Al Jackson.
Comedian Chris Bowers commits an act of accidental comedian on comedian violence with cologne.
Costaki Economopoulos joins us to share his world famous football Quick Snaps!
Comedian Al Jackson makes a frightening discovery while opening his iPad in the airport.
Barbara Streisand calls Apple CEO Tim Cook to have Siri straightened out, but producer Dean took care of it. (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Allan Warren)
This video is about Donnie Baker’s recent visit to a baseball game. Donnie and his drummer Dusty Privette made the most of this Triple-A experience. From Dippin’ Dots to free beer, these two covered all the bases. And they’ll show you how to save big money and beat the concession stand every time!
Kristi Lee​ and Josh Arnold​ visit the state fair to ride rides, but things go wrong when Kristi leaves Josh alone.
Kristi Lee and Josh Arnold ride a bull at the state fair.
Josh Arnold wins a goldfish at the state fair!