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An excerpt from Dave Dyer’s forthcoming fictional autobiography called “A Life I Could’ve Had…” “From my peripheral, I saw her head turn in my direction. I slightly rotated mine to acknowledge the gesture. The contrast of her beautifully tanned skin against the white pillow-case caused the blood in my body to start centralizing. There was a pause […]
Babe Ruth calls in to discuss the ponies as comedian Josh Arnold bets on a fat kid track meet.
This video is about Donnie Baker making an apology to Southwest Airlines for the extra manpower it took to accommodate his Mom Phyllis on a recent trip to visit family. Even though they didn’t go anywhere exotic like Pigeon Forge this time, they encountered some trouble at customs. Swear to god!
“Pillars” is a series of shorts starring David Dyer (Dave) and Kevin Yon (Kev). Written, Directed, and Edited by David Dyer. Each short provides a quick glimpse into the sometimes contentious relationship between two men who frequent a local bar to both discuss and react to what matters most to them.
Bobcat Goldthwait is a great storyteller. He shares the time he was presented as Prince’s birthday present.
Donnie Baker calls in to review Johnny Manziel’s prospect as a fast food worker.
In honor of the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, we are releasing a new CD in cunjunction with Q95 and Penn Station. The album 100 features a brand new song from Duke Tumatoe and we have remastered the greatest BOB & TOM Show race songs and parodies of all […]
This year, elect a true leader. Elect Doug LaDouche into office. Don’t go to the polls uneducated. Listen to Doug explain why he is the only choice this November. If you don’t vote for him, he can’t win.
A comedic sketch about modern romance. From the mind of Andy Hendrickson.
Man Jam centers on a group of friends who get together weekly to play music in order to escape their day-to-day, hum-drum lives. We follow the guys as they struggle with marriage, divorce, raising kids, work, growing up – and refusing to grow up. Bud, Marty, Vincent & Vargas are all on the verge of […]