Bob and Tom

B&T Tonight for 8-15-2019: White Claws & The Space Quiz

Kristi and Chick are getting liquored up on White Claws. The gang questions Tom about the “last time he partied”. Tom talks about the new Lego house he just built, and Kristi looks for a dirty jigsaw puzzle. Jason Hoffsetz, our own space lover, has a moon quiz for the more »

B&T Tonight for 8-14-2019: Who Would You Cast in the BOB & TOM Movie?

The gang wonders out loud who would play them in a movie about the show. Pat Godwin’s suggestion for himself caused laughter so loudly from the staff that it was heard through the soundproof walls. Donnie Baker calls in excited about a marshmallow-only cereal after a childhood of tricks by his mom Phyllis. Tom makes…read more »