Bob and Tom

Al Jackson’s Quiz for July 11, 2019

Every week, Al Jackson helps Tom connect with modern culture. Now you can give the quiz to your friends and family. Send us the video or audio at 1. What is Eating something from the rooter to the tooter? A: Eating everything on the animal (Cow, pig, etc) This Thanksgiving mama cooked everything from…read more »

B&T Tonight for 7-9-2019: The Shrimp Showdown

It is the eating competition America has been waiting for: The St. Elmos Spicy Shrimp Showdown. Josh Arnold, amateur eater, takes on spice connoisseur Ace Cosby. The first one to eat 10 jumbo shrimp smothered in cocktail sauce chocked full of horseradish wins. Will the competitors be able to stand the heat? Will their sinuses…read more »

The Jess Hooker From Ipanema

Pat Godwin takes the new Musician’s Corner in the studio for a spin and tries some songs about the cast to the tune of Girl of Ipanema. Tom feels left out so he gives it a more »