Bob and Tom

B&T Tonight 1-10-2020: SNL’s Kevin Nealon

We are joined by comedian and former SNL star Kevin Nealon. He shares some great stories about getting started at SNL. Granny Jane calls in for this week’s Shoe-In. We finish the show off with Kevin telling a hilarious story about being pranked by Peyton & Eli more »

Snake and Bake Pizza

A couple making a frozen pizza the other night were alarmed to find a burning snake in their oven. What are your three favorite pizza toppings? (snake included)read more »

Tom’s Ski Vacation

Tom recently took the family on a ski vacation. Tom, being a man of the people, of course, had to chat it up with the people on the ski more »

Donnie, Dick and Dave

A man called in sick to work and then showed up later to rob the place. Of course, Donnie Baker has something to say about that!read more »