Neil Peart Remembered

It’s always tough when we suddenly lose a musical hero. To celebrate the life of Rush drummer and lyricist extraordinaire, WGLX will air their amazing retrospective concert “R40” in its entirety this coming Saturday night in The Road Show starting at 9pm. Kincaid, Cricket and Tonya Haze will join the your host, The Rocker Dude,…read more »


RRHOF Fan Vote Ends Soon!

Fan voting for the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame ends on Jan 10 and Pat Benatar is in second place behind the Dave Matthews Band (?!?) I personally think she absolutely belongs in the Rock Hall- but can we talk about why Judas Priest is currently in 5th place?!? No? Okay well, here’s a…read more »


Looking To Add To Your Classic Rock Christmas Catalogue?

It’s that time of year, and if you’re looking for some rockin’ Christmas albums- look no further! Top 12 Classic Rock Christmas Albums There’s only so much goopy seasonal music you can listen to, right? That’s where this list of Top 12 classic rock Christmas albums comes in. We’ve dug up the best song cycles…read more »


My favorite Christmas song.

It’s that time of year again, and so I post my favorite Christmas song. But you ask- “why is this one your favorite, Kincaid?” I’ll tell you. It melded the standard-bearer of my parent’s musical taste- the legendary Bing Crosby, with one of my very favorite artists- David Bowie. It took a traditional carol and…read more »


Making Shopping For Your Favorite Classic Rocker Easy!

It’s that time of year again, and if you’re wondering just what to get for your favorite Classic Rocker- wonder no more! Below is a great gift guide for those who rock. 2019 Classic Rock Holiday Gift Guide Being a classic rock fan is often expensive. Each year brings another round of reissues, multi-disc box…read more »


Not surprised, not one bit…

I’m of two minds on this- First of all- WTF, Motley?!? We all thought you were DONE TOURING. Many, many people shelled out big bucks to see you on your “Final tour” one last time- you really lose whatever shred of credibility you might have had with this move, if it is indeed true… Second-…read more »

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