Greatest Scottish Rock Bands Ever?
Sometimes I wonder just how much the internet is watching me...
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In my last posting, I mentioned that I'm a Scot- a proud one at that! So imagine my pleasant surprise when Classic Rock Magazine decides to post a list of who they think are the greatest Scot rock bands ever! Do I agree with the list? Well... Nazareth of course belongs on there as do Gerry Rafferty and Biffy Clyro- I guess I don't really know the others- outside of Big Country, who for years I thought were Aussie- go figure... I just found the article interesting, and hope you do too, No matter where you're from!

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    Kincaid was fortunate enough to have friends with older siblings who introduced him to all things Rock in the late 70’s while he was still wet behind the ears and only slightly fuzzy. Instantly he knew that Rock was in his blood- a force that demanded a constant presence in his life and he strove to feed that need. Born under a lucky star...

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