Sometimes, All You Can Do Is Laugh
Otherwise, it might drive ya bonkers.
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Seriously- as this is my first winter away from the West Coast, it is by far the most severe winter I've encountered. And it's what? Only the second week of January? Yeah. Gotta give credit to my wife, who not only helped me dig my car out when I got it stuck in our driveway yesterday- (Don't ask...) But also is pretty good at cracking me up when I need to smile the most. So that's basically why I'm posting today- make somebody laugh if you can- even if it's just you. This meme made my day today.

  • The Rants and Ravings of a Rock and Roll Mind
    Kincaid was fortunate enough to have friends with older siblings who introduced him to all things Rock in the late 70’s while he was still wet behind the ears and only slightly fuzzy. Instantly he knew that Rock was in his blood- a force that demanded a constant presence in his life and he strove to feed that need. Born under a lucky star...

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