Headbangers Unite!
Sign the petition to bring Metallica to Lambeau Field!
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Make your voice heard! Hope and Change and all that good stuff! Make America Rock Again! ...Seriously though- Metallica at Lambeau? Yes, please and thank you. I signed it. I hope you will too. I mean- it can't hurt, right?

Lambeau Field : Metallica to perform at Lambeau Field in 2017

The greater Green Bay area has had its fair share of Country music entertainers with the few concerts that have been hosted at Lambeau Field. I believe (and I suspect that several others believe) that Metallica would be a great change of pace. The city of Green Bay would profit with ticket sales, concessions...

  • The Rants and Ravings of a Rock and Roll Mind
    Kincaid was fortunate enough to have friends with older siblings who introduced him to all things Rock in the late 70’s while he was still wet behind the ears and only slightly fuzzy. Instantly he knew that Rock was in his blood- a force that demanded a constant presence in his life and he strove to feed that need. Born under a lucky star...

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