This Really (s)Ticks Me Off
Stuff Happens.
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Synopsis: Chick gets hit by a drumstick thrown into the audience by Styx drummer- lawsuit idiocy ensues.

My take? Suck it up, buttercup- you were at a rock concert- things happen. I had my thumb dislocated at a show a couple years ago- I got a bloody nose in a mosh-pit once. You have to assume that every once in awhile, your concert-going experience isn't going to be perfect- and when you purchase that ticket- you have to assume that risk. So this chick wasn't paying attention, and ended up with a few stitches and a bloody shirt. And I'm guessing- because this is the world we're living in- she's probably suing for at least a six-figure sum. And I can predict, the band and it's management company will settle out of court for a hefty sum. And drummers everywhere will think twice before throwing sticks into the audience from here on in. Thanks a lot, chick.

Styx Drummer Sued by Concertgoer Alleging Injury

Chucking stuff into the crowd is a time-honored rock 'n' roll tradition, but it carries certain risks. Just ask Styx drummer Todd Sucherman. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Sucherman is being sued by Lori Frederick, an attendee at the band's June 2015 stop in the city who claims she has suffered "loss of enjoyment of life" since Sucherman "negligently threw a drumstick into the audience" without allowing audience members "timely and proper warning" ...

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