Tonya Haze


Weekend Fun with Tonya Haze and CWACT

    It’s time to get in the Christmas spirit! And a great way to do that is by going to see a Christmas show. But what Christmas show should you see? If you ask me, I have to say, Miracle on 34th Street. It’s an live radio play, like they would have done in the…read more »

One Hit Wonders

Top 10 Classic Rock One-Hit Wonders

Today is National One-Hit Wonder day!  Yes, there is a day dedicated to those artists that had one HUGE hit, and then fizzled out (or continued making music, but had no big hits). So to celebrate, I’ve put together 10 Classic Rock One-Hit Wonders for you to enjoy. 10. Red Rider – Lunatic Fringe 9.…read more »


Tonya Haze Interviews: Talk Like A Pirate Day

  Ahoy, me hearties! Today is September 19th, so that means it is one of my favorite holidays – International Talk Like A Pirate Day! I mean, let’s face it, any day where you can call someone a “scallywag” is a great day! Earlier today, I got the privilege of interviewing John “Ol’ Chumbucket” Baur,…read more »

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Top 10 Classic Rock Road Trip Songs

Now that summer is here, it’s time to think about hitting the road. And every road trip needs a great soundtrack. To get you started, here are my Top 10 must-have road trip songs.               10. Golden Earring – Radar Love Why it’s a must have: A steady rhythm,…read more »

Tonya's Soup

The Most Wisconsin Recipe Ever

  The cold weather makes me want to eat something warm and comforting. And since I live in Wisconsin, what food fits this description better than Beer Cheese soup? I would say nothing! But because I have no idea how to do things in moderation, I came up with an amazing new recipe – Bratwurst,…read more »

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A Christmas Carol Radio Show

What did I do over the holidays? I went on stage with Central Wisconsin Area Community Theater for their performance of “A Christmas Carol Radio Show”. If you missed the show, you can listen to it here. I had a great time performing and getting to know all the fantastic people that were involved in…read more »