Reason #1832 Why Rob Halford Is THE Metal God

Judas Priest Frontman Deftly Kicks Phone From Annoying Concert-taping Fool’s Hand


Ya see kids- holding your phone up for the entirety of a concert is not only annoying to anyone behind you, but also to the performers on stage.

Numerous musicians have expressed their frustration with cell phone users at shows- but Halford took matters into his own hands (feet?) May 25th in Rosemont, IL.

Eyewitnesses say Halford’s frustration appeared to stem from the fact that the fan had turned the light on his camera on while filming the show, making it harder for him to focus on his performance. Halford kicked the cell phone away while the band was playing the song “Judas Rising”.

You can see fan-filmed (ironic, no?) footage of the punt below, the kick happens about 39 seconds in.

In 2015 Sebastian Bach urged fans to keep their cell phones at the bottom of their pockets and just watch. “Be in the moment,” he said. “You’re distracted and it’s distracting to the performer as well. Like, put your f*ckin’ cell phone away, dammit! You’re never even going to watch that footage.”

When the newly-reunited Guns N’ Roses played for the first time in 23 years at the Troubadour in Los Angeles in April 2016, the concert was phone-free. Duff McKagan told the New York Times “God, it was wonderful, it was the old-school feeling, where people were dancing and getting down. It was really cool.”

Look- I feel the same way as these performers- take some pictures- film some snippits or a song or two, but don’t stand there holding it in everyone’s way for the entirety of the show- you look like a d-bag, and you’re ruining the experience for everyone else.