Top 10 Classic Rock Songs For Labor Day

Ah, Labor Day. It’s the unofficial end of summer. But it’s also a day to celebrate all the hard-working people that make this country so great.

Here are a few songs for you – the person that works hard all year long… and deserves a holiday!


Happy Labor Day!


10. Loverboy – Working For The Weekend


9. BTO – Taking Care Of Business


8. Todd Rundgren – Bang On The Drum


7. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Working For MCA


6. Skid Row – Slave To The Grind


5. Beatles – Hard Day’s Night


4. John Lennon – Working Class Hero


3. Styx – Blue Collar Man


2. CCR – The Working Man


And the #1 Labor Day song… Rush – Working Man


And while it’s technically not a Classic Rock song (it came out in 1999), it is by one of our favorite Classic Rock artists.

Bonus track: Lynyrd Skynyrd – Workin’