RRHOF Fan Vote Ends Soon!

Fan voting for the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame ends on Jan 10 and Pat Benatar is in second place behind the Dave Matthews Band (?!?)

I personally think she absolutely belongs in the Rock Hall- but can we talk about why Judas Priest is currently in 5th place?!? No? Okay well, here’s a cool article laying out why Pat Benatar is a deserving contender.

5 Reasons Pat Benatar Should be in the Rock Hall of Fame

Debates over the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame have raged since the institution’s formation. Two of the loudest arguments of recent years have been that the Hall does not include enough women and that it seemingly overlooks artists who peaked during the ’80s. In the case of Pat Benatar, both may be at play.

Go here to vote! https://vote.rockhall.com/