Quarantinis With Tonya: Old Fashioned

Ok, so I debated with myself about whether or not to make this particular Quarantini. I mean, this is Wisconsin… so I’m sure you already have a version of an old fashioned that you love! Also, I don’t want you to judge me to harshly for how I make mine (hint: I don’t use brandy). But since all week I’ve been giving you my go-to drinks for a fantastic cocktail party (or fantastic night of social distancing), I had to include it.

Since I moved to Wisconsin, I’ve tried tons of different versions of the old fashioned. One place even put MUSHROOMS as the garnish, and I was very confused, as I’d never even heard of that concept. But for me, the old fashioned will always be how I learned to make it. I don’t even remember who taught me to make them (possibly one of my great aunts on my dad’s side – they were from DePere, so know an old fashioned when they see one!) So here’s my version. I hope you enjoy it!


Old Fashioned:

2 oz. whiskey or bourbon (or brandy, if that’s your thing)
1 sugar cube
5 drops Angostura bitters
1 orange slice, halved
2 maraschino cherries
Squirt or lemon lime soda


In an old fashioned glass, place sugar cube, bitters, half slice of orange, and one maraschino cherry. Use a muddler, and muddle it until the sugar is no longer a cube. Add ice to you glass, followed by whiskey. Top with Squirt.***  Garnish with half a slice or orange and a maraschino cherry.


***If you don’t have Squirt, but still want a drink that’s not too sweet, you can use lemon lime pop and a splash of lemon juice.












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