The WGLX Top 103 Classic Rock Songs of All Time- What Were We Thinking?!?

We had time on our hands- after all, who hasn’t?

So the musical minds here at WGLX- myself, Tonya Haze, Cricket and The Rocker Dude- put our heads together and came up with a list of the Top 103 Classic Rock Songs of All Time.

But we wanted a challenge- so I established the rule that each musical artist is only allowed 1 spot on the countdown- otherwise we all know the top portion of the list would be dominated by the likes of The Beatles, Led Zep, The Who etc.

And then the fun began- comparing lists, haggling over why this song was better than that one- why this one had a more significant impact on the music world, or on the band’s career- good times indeed.

The resulting list will be your soundtrack starting Saturday at 9 am with The Rocker Dude and wrapping up with Cricket, and then on Monday, Tonya Haze and Kincaid will give their spin on it beginning at 10 am!