Talkin’ Turkey With A Butterball Expert

Every year, thousands of cooks get advice on making Thanksgiving dinner – specifically, making their turkey – from the Butterball Turkey Talk Line. More than 50 trained professionals work at the talk-line to answer your questions and give you advice.

Today, I got the privilege of talking to one of the turkey experts – Charla Draper from the Butterball Turkey Talk Line. Charla has been sharing turkey tips and spending her Thanksgiving day helping people make delicious turkey for over 15 years.

So basically, Charla is now my go-to call for when I try to cook a turkey!

In this interview, she tells me how much turkey you need per person (you can use this calculator), how to tell if your turkey is cooked all the way, and even shares her secret seasoning recipe with me!



For more info, you can contact Butterball on their hotline, by text, at, by asking Alexa, and even on social media.