Wait- He Improvised Some Parts Of Those Monster Solos?

As a fan of Neil Peart- like, a HUGE fan- I find it cool that we’re still learning things about The Professor, even a year on from his death. I never would have guessed he was adding improvisational bits into his solos, given the technical aspect of them.

RUSH’s GEDDY LEE On NEIL PEART: ‘He Was A Monster Drummer Of The Highest Magnitude’

A little over a year after the death of RUSH drummer Neil Peart, his bandmate of more than four decades, singer-bassist Geddy Lee opened up to Rolling Stone about his friend in an extensive interview. When asked whether there were there times when he was truly awed with stuff that Neil either conceived or was just pulling off technically, Geddy responded: “With regularity.

And for reference, here is one of those amazing solos.

Neil Peart Drum Solo – Rush Live in Frankfurt

Neil Peart Drum Solo