Bob and Tom

Kristi Lee’s Great Lines

We honestly have no idea what was in the coffee at the station that led to the first minute of this clip. Josh Arnold is full of wit. Kristi Lee constantly has great lines, and no one hears them. Tom has password problems. more »

Bouncing Checks

Josh Arnold creates art against the tableau that is Pat Godwin’s wardrobe. The lottery is paying out big money and the gang talks about unlucky friends. The answer isn’t “Would Chick quit his job if he won?” but how quickly. Ace Cosby tries to talk and Josh Arnold isn’t having it. more »

Move My Things Over – Pat Godwin

Pat Godwin finally moved his belongings from a storage unit in Pennsylvania in a gigantic truck. Honestly, he shouldn’t have been allowed to drive it, but at least we got a song out of it!read more »