NRG Media Wausau operates four radio stations: WBCV-FM, WGLX-FM, WHTQ-FM and WYTE-FM.

Wisconsin’s Big Cheese 107.9 (WBCV), playing a Big Variety of music from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s.  It can be tough to put Big Cheese 107.9 in a category and we like it that way. This is the radio station people tune to for fun contests and conversation, whether they are at-work or at-the cabin.  Broadcasting at 100,000 watts, Big Cheese 107.9 smothers all of Central and North Central Wisconsin.  Big Cheese 107.9 provides local news, weather, sports and entertainment all day long.

Classic Rock 103.3 WGLX is Central Wisconsin’s home for Classic Rock!  Broadcasting at a full 100,000 watts, WGLX brings the fun and antics of the Bob & Tom Show in the morning, followed by live personalities all the way through the workday to 7pm.  WGLX is the market leader to reach Men between the ages of 25-64.

Hot 96.7 WHTQ IS Hit Music Now!  If you are looking for new music, you will find it playing on Hot 96.7 in Central Wisconsin.  Targeting Women 18-44, Hot 96.7 delivers the latest current hits and entertainment every day, while being actively involved with the local community. 

Today’s Best Country Y106.5 WYTE plays the newest country hits for Central Wisconsin, along with some of the favorites from the 90’s to now with 100,000 watts of power!  The Saturday Morning Polka Party is a consistent, popular feature every Saturday from 7am-10am.  At-work listening dominates the weekday and fun & games abound throughout each day.

Any station openings will be posted below when they are available with information about the position and the requirements for the candidate we are seeking. Each opening will also include contact information and details on the deadline to apply.

NRG Media, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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However, if you’re like many sales people out there, you have a feeling you could do better, and you’re right.

Oh, sure, we’ve got all the bells and whistles that great employees have come to expect: health benefits (including vision and dental), 401k with company match, vacation plus personal days, life and disability insurance — all of that nice stuff.

But the things that really set us apart are the intangibles. Like the fact that we work for a good company that is run by good people (how often does that happen?). Our teammates are too. There is plenty of freedom and flexibility here.

If you’re an experienced sales person who wants to finally work for a company as good as you are, please send your resume and cover letter to Sales Manager Rhonda Guenther at

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