The Best Classic Rock all afternoon long, including fun and games. The Clock-Out Rock- Out at 5pm. Don’t forget Free For All Fridays where you program the show


Metallica get DMCA Censored on Twitch Stream- and it’s Hilarious.

So, I realize I’m late to the game here- Just getting back into the swing of things after being held down and beaten by Covid-19 for two weeks. But this is something else- Metallica- were censored for playing their own music online, and the result is nothing short of lol hilarious. Check out the actual…read more »

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Wait- He Improvised Some Parts Of Those Monster Solos?

As a fan of Neil Peart- like, a HUGE fan- I find it cool that we’re still learning things about The Professor, even a year on from his death. I never would have guessed he was adding improvisational bits into his solos, given the technical aspect of them. RUSH’s GEDDY LEE On NEIL PEART: ‘He…read more »

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Why is this stage set-up so dang cool?!?

  I’m a geek for stagecraft. There’s no denying it. I love the backstage workings of a concert, I love the thought and care that goes into creating an amazing live show. That’s why I’m so stoked about this tour- should it ever happen. Check out the preview of Genesis’ upcoming (and postponed again) European…read more »

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The WGLX Top 103 of All Time Playlist!

Many of you have asked for the Top 103 of All Time list which YOU helped create- and so, I’ve got it for you here! Thanks to everyone who helped us with this list and we look forward to doing it again some time in the future! (I’ve bolded all the changes to our original…read more »


Great Interview With GQ “Man of the Year” Ozzy Osbourne Here!

Some great stories from the Oz Man here! Ozzy Osbourne: ‘If I’d have gone to church I’d still be there now, confessing all my sins!’ “This year has been the worst year of my life!” mutters an unmistakable Brummie accent by way of an introduction. It’s the night before Halloween and the Prince Of Darkness…read more »


WGLX is Serving Up Extra Helpings of Classic Rock This Thanksgiving!

Time to gather ’round the table and enjoy extra helpings of Classic Rock on WGLX. Starting Thursday at 10am and going through the 4 day weekend, we’re giving you double and triple shots of your favorite classic rock every hour. The Forge and The Road Show will be nothing but double and triple shots as…read more »

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