The Best Classic Rock all afternoon long, including fun and games. The Clock-Out Rock- Out at 5pm. Don’t forget Free For All Fridays where you program the show


WGLX is Serving Up Extra Helpings of Classic Rock This Thanksgiving!

Time to gather ’round the table and enjoy extra helpings of Classic Rock on WGLX. Starting Thursday at 10am and going through the 4 day weekend, we’re giving you double and triple shots of your favorite classic rock every hour. The Forge and The Road Show will be nothing but double and triple shots as…read more »


Another Edition of “Feel Old Yet?”

Great Classic Rock ages like fine wine- For example, check out this list of albums that turn 40 this year! (I can say this doesn’t make me feel *that* old yet, as I was only 11 when these came out, and still just beginning to develop a musical taste of my own…) 21 Major Albums…read more »

The Forge 300x300

The Forge Devil’s Night Playlist

Well, we made it through another Devil’s Night / Halloween weekend, and based on the number of requests for a Forge playlist from Friday night, y’all had a good one and can’t remember much lol So here’s last week’s rundown. HR 1-1 45 GRAVE – PARTY TIME TESTAMENT – THE HAUNTING W.A.S.P. – SCREAM UNTIL…read more »


WGLX Wraps Up Rocktober Spooky Style!

We’re gonna stuff your ears with sweet radio treats this weekend! Friday night- a day commonly known as “Devil’s Night,” The Forge will be even scarier than normal with 3 hours of spook classic metal. For your Halloween celebrations, The Road Show will have Alice Cooper in the Artist Spotlight. Time Warp on Sunday morning…read more »


The Forge: Hard Drivin’ Playlist

Lots of ya wanted to see the playlist from this past Friday’s Forge- all about gettin’ behind the wheel and puttin’ the pedal to the metal- so here ya are!   FORGE 10/16/20 HIT THE ROAD! 9pm GIRLSCHOOL – C’MON LET’S GO STEELER – BACKSEAT DRIVER BRUCE DICKINSON – HELL ON WHEELS KIX – LAYIN’…read more »


Another (Well Deserved) Eddie Van Halen Tribute Post

It seems like you can’t escape the outpouring of love and grief when it comes to the passing of guitar legend Eddie Van Halen. And for me anyway- that’s ok- it gives us a chance to revisit his genius. Below is a great article highlighting some his more subtle accomplishments. Eddie Van Halen’s Quieter Eruption:…read more »

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