Tonya Haze

Born and raised in the Frozen Tundra (a.k.a. the Upper Peninsula of Michigan).  Tonya wandered around the Midwest for several years – Lower Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska – before landing here in Wisconsin (is it weird to take a job just so you can have unlimited access to cheese? #AskingForAFriend)


Sneek Peek: New Ozzy Documentary!

  Get ready for “The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne,” coming up on Labor Day. A & E Network will be airing a 2-hour documentary special about the life and multi-decade career of Ozzy Osborne. It will include interviews with Ozzy and his family, as well as fellow musicians Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Jonathan Davis,…read more »


Watch: Fake New “Nirvana” Song

What if you used an Artificial Intelligence bot to analyze Nirvana’s music, and create an entirely new “Nirvana” song? Well, that’s just what YouTuber Funk Turkey did. He put Nirvana’s lyrics into a bot, and created a song called “Smother”. Then he performed and mixed the music for it. Check it out:     Funk…read more »


Quarantinis With Tonya: Old Fashioned

Ok, so I debated with myself about whether or not to make this particular Quarantini. I mean, this is Wisconsin… so I’m sure you already have a version of an old fashioned that you love! Also, I don’t want you to judge me to harshly for how I make mine (hint: I don’t use brandy).…read more »


Quarantinis With Tonya: Lemon Drop

This is another one of my go-to recipes when I have cocktail parties (or, like now, when I drink alone!). Now, if you’ve ever to been a bar where they served lemon drop shots, you’ve probably had an over-sweetened beverage that tasted kind of like a lemon. This drink is more lemon-y and less like…read more »


Quarantinis With Tonya: Mary Pickford

When I decided to write about my go-to drinks for a cocktail party, I knew I had to include the Mary Pickford. It’s always nice to have a tropical drink to serve to your guests, but unfortunately, most of the time, that involves blenders, tons of ingredients, and lots of prep work – not exactly…read more »


Quarantinis With Tonya: The Russians

All this week, I’m sharing my go-to cocktails to make at any cocktail party. Next up: The Russians. If you’ve spent any time with me either in person or on the radio, you know that I LOVE coffee. So there has to be a cocktail with Kahula. Don’t be deceived by their simple ingredients or…read more »

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