Tonya Haze

Born and raised in the Frozen Tundra (a.k.a. the Upper Peninsula of Michigan).  Tonya wandered around the Midwest for several years – Lower Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska – before landing here in Wisconsin (is it weird to take a job just so you can have unlimited access to cheese? #AskingForAFriend)

Green Lantern 300x300

Quarantinis With Tonya: Green Lantern

It’s National Super Hero Day! So obviously, I had to make a super hero themed cocktail. And boy, are there ever A LOT of super hero themed cocktails! Now let me state right away that Green Lantern is not my favorite super hero. Also, if Green Lantern is your favorite super hero, cool. If you…read more »

Villa Park

Quarantinis With Tonya: Villa Park

It’s amazing what you can find on the internet these days. Today has been a beautiful, sunny day, so I wanted a sunny drink. I decided to put a few ingredients in my search bar, and see if it would help me find a drink recipe. And boy, Google did not disappoint! I have orange…read more »


Quarantinis With Tonya: Dragonfly

I’ve always been fascinated by dragonflies. Growing up around water, I would see them flitting around – colorful, graceful, mysterious. That’s why I had to try a drink called Dragonfly. Sometimes, you just want simple. Sometimes you want complex. This drink is both. It’s simple to make – just three ingredients. But it’s also complex…read more »


Quarantinis With Tonya: Dirty Shirley

When I was a kid, I used to spend lots of time with my grandparents on my dad’s side. One of the reasons that I looked forward to these visits was that my grandparents always had a cocktail hour. And they always let whatever grandkids were visiting participate in cocktail hour – by making mocktails…read more »


Quarantinis With Tonya: Chai Martini

My book club meeting is tonight (yes, Tonya can read!). Obviously, due to social distancing, we are meeting via zoom. Also due to social distancing, I actually had time to read the book! Whoa! We’re currently reading a book called The Widows of Malabar Hill by Sujata Massey. It’s a mystery set in India in…read more »


Quarantinis With Tonya: Strawberry Daquiri

Ok, I know what you’re thinking… Strawberry Daquiris are basically a glass of liquid jam. That can be true, if you use the pre-mixed stuff. I prefer to make mine from scratch – less sweet, and with more of a kick. And since today was almost summery, I decided that I needed a summery drink!…read more »

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